What Other Parents Have To Say

“Our son Jacob began attending The Southcoast Autism Center shortly after he was 2 ½ years old. At the time he had little to no sounds/words and had no consistency. He had been a part of Early Intervention for almost 6 months with no progress at all. We realized he was falling further and further behind other children and we were growing more anxious about his future by the day. We were sick with worry and completely overwhelmed when we first came to The Southcoast Autism Center. It was a dark time for us but the therapists at The Southcoast Autism Center lit the way forward. We signed on for as many hours as we could manage (30 per week) and our son began making some progress immediately. The center based format of Verbal Behavior Approach allowed him to have structured interactions with other children, constant one-on-one with a therapist and their facility provided a wider range of environments and materials than we could have provided at home. The center has an open door policy and the staff is always willing to talk to us about whatever is on our minds. 

The therapists at The Southcoast Autism Center are dedicated professionals, thoroughly committed to helping each child reach his or her potential. It is with utmost pride and satisfaction that we can say that after less than 6 months of therapy our son has mastered several mands (requests) and has moved from sign language to vocally asking for them. We never knew if we would hear that little voice of his, it’s the most humbling thing!! We know we could not have picked a better place for our son and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for him with the aid of everyone at The Southcoast Autism Center!!! Thank You!!!”

— Catherine

“We knew that he was an incredibly bright boy, but even we couldn’t have predicted the amazing gains he has made in such a short time. When our son began at the center one year ago, he was not able to effectively communicate his wants and needs. He was not able to access items he wanted using words. We are now proud to say that after just less than a year, he is able to vocally request any item he desires using multiple word phrases across multiple settings. We could not be happier with The Southcoast Autism Center. The staff is wonderful and we couldn’t ask for better teachers that care so much and love our little guy so much. This makes us feel great knowing how much time, effort and love they give to him. Most importantly he is happy to come to the center every day!”

— Denise

“My son Nicholas, 15 years old had a more severe form of Autism and I have worked hard to assure Nicholas has the best professionals and agencies working with him. We have been doing this for a very long time, since Nick was 15 months old to be exact. We have had good and not so good…. Today I am proud to say I have the most amazing team; Sinead, Nicole and Jessica. These ladies are not just his educators but my cheerleaders and my angels… They have so much compassion!!! I consider these ladies my family! I am so blessed to have Sinead’s team. Thank you for the amazing services and dedication you all provide!”

— Lisa

“After our son was diagnosed, with high functioning autism no one, including our pediatrician was able to offer clear and comprehensive guidance. Fortunately, we found The Southcoast Autism Center. With kindness and openness, in less than a year, our son has gone from being limited verbally, disengaged and clearly frustrated into a chatty, engaged, flirty boy. They laugh at his silliness, and sympathize with his struggles-without ever sacrificing the integrity of the program. The Center has helping us prepare for Kindergarten by providing shadow support in a Preschool. The 1:1 shadow at school allows our son to be in a typical preschool environment, so he can socially interact and model peers his own age. Additionally we have regular team meetings to discuss our son’s progress and make a team plan until the next meeting. The therapists are always there to provide helpful suggestions for issues that may arise at home as well. We are so grateful to all of the therapists at the Southcoast Autism Center. Words cannot express our appreciation for what the Center has done for our son and our family. We could have found ABA services closer to home, but after our first meeting with the Center, we knew we had found our answer.”

— Shad