Summer Program

Summer Program

Come join us for a fun and enriching summer experience! Camp Blue is a day camp exclusively for children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Camp Blue offers a unique curriculum incorporating a strong communication and social skills program based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis.

Camp Blue is appropriate for school age children who do not exhibit dangerous or disruptive behaviors. Children must be able to communicate their wants and needs and be ready to build on their conversational skills as well as to participate in small group activities.

At Camp Blue, your child will participate in a sensory rich activity schedule with a multitude of cooperative experiences. The varied activity schedule will include opportunities for your child to strengthen their communication skills and focus on the essential social skills necessary to make lasting friendships.

At Camp Blue, data is collected and reviewed daily. A full time Board Certified Behavior Analyst is on site to ensure data based decisions are made regarding your child’s teaching procedures and programs. Throughout each session our highly skilled ABA Therapists will facilitate learning opportunities based on your child’s unique learning profile.

Registration for the camp starts Friday March 24th and ends June 1st. During the registration period, your child may be invited to visit the Southcoast Autism Center. During the visit, your child may participate in an ongoing social skills group. The purpose of the visit will be to assess your child’s communication and social skills.

The summer session runs Monday to Thursday, 9am to 2pm. Programs are 100% covered by Mass health or private health insurance. Click here to register or all the Center @ 508-997-1311 for more information.