Center Based Services


The FOUNDATIONS program is designed to provide intensive ABA therapy for nonverbal children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Children accepted to the FOUNDATIONS program receive 1:1 therapy in a warm and nurturing environment. Upon acceptance to the program, the primary treatment goal is to teach each child the value of communication. Helping a child understand that their words have meaning is truly life changing! When children learn to communicate their wants and desires they can better control their environment. Through our intensive Applied Verbal Behavior model children quickly realize that using their words/signs/pecs are more effective/efficient than whining/hitting/kicking/pinching. As their communication improves their maladaptive behaviors naturally disappear.

In the FOUNDATIONS Program ABA Therapy may occur in any context depending on each child’s interests and desires. Because each child receives 1:1 instruction, ABA Therapists have the flexibility to individualize each child’s day around their own unique interests. The centerbased environment is perfectly suited to encourage the natural interests of young children. While, one child may be eager to run, jump and climb in the indoor playground. Another youngster may be drawn to the peacefulness of their own therapy room, filled with their favorite toys and treats. Regardless of the environment each highly trained ABA therapist contrives learning opportunities according to each child’s individualized treatment plan. Data is collected and reviewed every single day. A full time Board Certified Behavior Analyst is on site to ensure data based decisions are made regarding teaching procedures and programs.